Power Plug Adapters You Must Carry While Travelling!

As different countries have varying voltages and plug socket designs, you should know the type of power plug adapter you may need while traveling. At times, you need to charge your power plugs with various connectors and make them universal chargers.

<p>Machines and Electricity are among the greatest inventions of human history. Today, we live with new species of electronics and rely heavily on the gadgets. Similarly, gadgets also depend on the energy sources. They require power from external sources to work in a seamless manner.</p> <p>The following example will cast light on this aspect:</p> <p>When our smartphone or laptop pings or vibrates it displays a notification- &ldquo;Low battery, please connect to a charger&rdquo;- We immediately realize that the gadget is energy deprived. We attach it to a cable, a power cable cord and connect one of its ends to the device and the other to the wall.</p> <p>We use power plug adapters to make these connections. <a title="Power plug adapters" href="https://www.sfcable.com/power-plug-adapters.html" target="_blank">Power plug adapters</a> are the tools, which form an essential part of the circuit that lets us charge the battery. It has other common names like plug packs, domestic mains adapter, plug-in adapter, wall wart, power brick, and line power adapter.</p> <p><strong>Travel Power Plug Adapters</strong></p> <p>These days, keeping the gadgets charged up becomes a necessity while travelling. If you are going to nearby town or state, normal adapters and chargers remain very useful. However, if you are going abroad, you should know the difference of voltage and outlets.</p> <p>When you travel abroad, you will face the need of a different type of power plug adapter. In many cases, travelers need an adapter to fit the plug into a different shaped outlet, as well as a voltage converter so you do not fry your electronics.</p> <p>The voltage requirement depends on the device and country. It usually has a clear print on the item. Thus, it totally depends on the place you are traveling before you choose a type of power plug adapter. After knowing what you are plugging in, you may need a single adapter, several, or a universal adapter with different types.</p> <p>There are various types of travel adapters available in the market. Few of which are compatible in more than 150 countries. They come in a zip bag, which make it easier for travel purposes. It denotes the type of adapter and along with that, it also mentions the countries in which, this power plug adapter is in use. Travelers can easily choose one of them in accordance of their needs.</p> <p>The appliances, which are battery backed and chargeable, use Power Plug Adapters. They are also in use with devices having no power source when plugged in the wall socket. The types of power cables available in the market are:</p> <p><strong>Universal Power Adapters</strong></p> <p>They are aftermarket purchases and are costlier than AC or DC power plug adapters. You should opt for the Universal Power Adapters to handle all types of charging conditions effectively. Universal chargers use various types of interchangeable tips and pins. These tips and pins are like 4 way X connectors and six-way star connectors, also known as spider connectors.</p> <p>The universal chargers provide additional functionality across different voltages and sizes. It enables the universal charger to function virtually in all the possible charging environments.</p> <p><strong>AC Power Adapters</strong></p> <p>These are the adapters, which generally come along with your laptop purchase. The main electrical supply is of alternating nature and the battery backed laptop requires direct supply of current. We plug one of the units of the adapter into the wall socket.</p> <p>The adapter consists of another unit coupled in the circuit, which is a step-down transformer. It rectifies the alternating current supplied by the wall outlet to direct current power on which the device functions. The third and the final unit of the power plug adapter, connects the transformer with the device. This completes the circuit.</p> <p><strong>DC Power Adapters</strong></p> <p>These are generally aftermarket purchases even though few laptop manufacturers do provide these adapters with the purchase. Most of the other cables, which charge the appliances from a source of direct current, do not require the need of conversion from AC to DC.</p> <p>They are the simple adapters, which we find in the car power plugs and batteries. These adapters can charge batteries without the need of an external power source. Apart from these power cable types, the buyers ought to know various other specifics about the charging cables such as the voltage and power output.</p> <p><strong>Author Bio</strong></p> <p>Jennifer Truong is the owner of <a title="SF Cable" href="https://www.sfcable.com/" target="_blank">SF Cable</a>, a california based online retailer of all kind of cables, wires and cords, Power plug adapters. Jennifer has extensive experience in the cable industry and blogs about its various aspects.</p>


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