HDMI VS DisplayPort Cables VS DVI: Which One to Go For?

HDMI and Display Port Cables come of great help when one wants to have a good viewing experience. How and in what situations can you use both and what are their attributes? Read this article to know.

<p>HDMI, DisplayPort Cables and DVI. If we mention these names in front of you; you would know that they are electronic cables. But you might not know their features, functionalities, pros, and cons. Out of these three cables, apart from VGA, all connections fall within the digital territory. So, even if the pixel resolution changes with the type of connection, the quality remains the same.</p> <p>A 1080P/60 HDMI will give the same result as HDMI, DisplayPort. It is not the cables that make a difference but the technology which is used to build them. Let us understand each of these cables and their workings.</p> <p><strong>DisplayPort Cables</strong></p> <p>Best known for establishing computer connections,<strong>&nbsp;</strong><strong><a title="DisplayPort cables" href="https://www.sfcable.com/display-port-cable.html" target="_blank">DisplayPort cables</a> </strong>can provide a resolution of up to 2160P at 60 FPS if you have DP 1.2 along with the feature of multi-stream transport. You do not need to use Displayport Cables unless you want your monitor to push more than 60FPS. If you want to indulge into gaming, you might want to use DVI-D cable as it can work better at higher resolutions. DisplayPort Cables costs nearly the same as HDMI cables.</p> <p><strong>HDMI</strong></p> <p>Majorly all of computer monitors and TVs you come across have HDMI capabilities. These cables are extremely easy to use and can carry audio too. When it comes to plugging cords in, HDMI cables are the first choice. They can be used at several occasions and are also considered as the primary input type for numerous devices. There are certain drawbacks to HDMI cables though. <br />They might have limitations on FPS over high resolutions. HDMI works well in most of the cases and is available at cost-effective prices, you might want to use DisplayPort cables when you want to push FPS at the resolution of your choice.</p> <p><strong>DVI</strong></p> <p>DVI is almost like HDMI but the maximum resolution of the cable depends on the type of equipment you use it with. The only limitation of DVI is that it cannot handle audio (well, some of them). And even if they did, you would not want to use them for TVs as you would not be very happy with the results.&nbsp;<strong><a title="HDMI cables" href="https://www.sfcable.com/hdmi-cables.html" target="_blank">HDMI cables</a></strong> are affordable and can also handle video along with the audio.</p> <p><strong>Why Is It Better to Buy DisplayPort Cables Over HDMI?</strong></p> <p>If you want to use your desktop or laptop with camera or a high-resolution digital video device, HDMI is the right choice. However, if you want to use a cable for a commercial computing application, it is advisable to go for DisplayPort. Full-size DisplayPort connectors come with a locking facility that prevent sudden disconnections that happen when there are heavy cables involved. Also, DisplayPort offers long cable lengths (up to 15 meters) if the video source is compatible with DisplayPort. However, you must remember that bigger the cable length, lesser the video resolution.</p> <p><strong>Can You Convert These Cables into Another?</strong></p> <p>Yes, it is possible to convert some of them. For example, you can convert HDMI and DVI with the help of a simple adapter. Some DisplayPort connections might also work with DVI and HDMI if there is an adapter. But there are exceptions to it.</p> <p><strong>Concluding&hellip;</strong></p> <p>Out of the above given three types of cables, HDMI is the best option. However, for 4K gaming monitors, it is advisable to go for DVI-D or DisplayPort. Furthermore, you must conduct research to find out which technology suits the best for the kind of application you need. High resolution monitors and displays need better connections coupled with the right technology.</p> <p>We hope that these explanations gave clarity about all the cables and their functionalities. There are several online firms that sell these cables at the most cost-effective rates. You just need to provide specifications for the same.</p>


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